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Manic Monday

Weird start to the day.. Called a staffing service recruiter to check if he had anything for me and sadly no.. He did however have something for Britt which I was happy about.. Anything that helps her with extra money and possibly getting her out of target is ok in my book.. Also did something today that made me feel good, caught up with Liz for the first time in a while.. Glad to hear that she’s doing ok and that her family’s all ok too.. Maybe the start to this week is a sign of good things to come, just have to wait and see..


Job Interview

If there is one thing I have come to loathe over the last few years it’s a job interview.. Getting dressed up fancier than you would for almost any other day in your entire life, save for a few special occasions, to sit around and listen to someone trying to sell you why this job opening is the panacea that will finally give you the life you’ve always wanted; while in the back of your mind you know its already been given to some ones brother.. Today I literally had one of the most enjoyable interviews in my life! Not because of the company it’s for, the compensation, or the location but because of the people who were attending it with me.. For the first time at one I honestly felt like every single person was honest and genuine about what they said, felt, and experienced.. I know the whole point is to sell yourself and make you out to be something more than the sum of your parts, but for some reason I felt that every individual in that room didn’t bullshit about anything.. I’ve never eerily more comfortable in an interview setting, everyone was actively trying to make friends, get to know each other, swap stories.. You didn’t feel like an outcast because you were all going for the same job.. Thank you to all who were there and to the woman running it for making this an enjoyable day in the process of job hunting..