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I wish i knew why every time i feel like I am starting to feel happy and accomplished something always happens that makes me sink into a new feeling of despair and depression.. Was having a lot of fun at my job, got laid-off, was having a nice friendly relationship with my ex, now i feel like we’re drifting apart every day.. While i am happy with my new girlfriend and cant imagine myself being with anyone else, theres just something i feel is missing and its depressing me trying to figure out what it is.. why is it im never fully happy?.. maybe its the fact that i know britt will be jealous knowing that i still have a relationship with liz, i can understand where shes coming from and i know that no matter how much reassurance i give her she’ll always suspect that something is going on if i hang out with her.. maybe thats the ultimate lesson in life, You cant have deep, meaningful relationships with ex-girlfriends, which i guess is the cause of this funk i feel right now..