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New Year, New Possibilities… Same Old Sh*t..

A Happy New Year to everyone.. Im sure im not the first and i know i definitly wont be the last to want to know what the hell women are really thinking.. My gf says we should get together tomorrow for lunch since im not gonna be able to spend a lot of time with her this week because of my work schedule; yet when i try to set up the time and the logistics of it she says,” no, its fine we dont need to do anything”.  Why the hell did she bring up the idea in the first place if she didnt really want to do it to begin with?.. i wish i knew, all it does is frustrate the hell out of me and make me wonder why she doesnt want to.. i know shes not cheating on me and that she never would, but why doesnt she want to go out and get lunch with me.. its like she resents being with me sometimes.. she doesnt realize that when she does things like this it really depresses me..