Another Day, Another Dollar…

Why is it that every year Christmas gets more and more stressful?.. WHats supposed to be a time of magic and wonder has turned into a time of people getting trampled and pepper-sprayed in stores.. Every year you need more money for gifts because everything gets more expensive.. My girlfriend is the most stressed i have ever seen her, but most of that is caused by her mother, and it makes me feel bad. I honestly don’t know if im going to have enough cash to buy presents for everyone. I though i was going to get a whole lot more hours at work during the holiday season but unfortunately we havent been as busy as they assumed we were going to be.. So the trade-off is everyone’s hours have been shaved a little bit, so instead of getting 95-100 hours a pay period im getting 85-90. Which doesn’t sound like a huge drop off but when you’re expecting the former its kind of a let down.. I havent even started my shopping yet, im a huge procrastinator.. We build up the holidays every year just to be burnt out and usually disappointed by the end of it.. I do enjoy the holidays when i have a significant other to share it with even if she is stressed out of her mind.. Working today from 10-7 will more than likely be a long day which wont be conducive to helping me get my shopping done.. Hopefully i can survive the next week and get ready to ring in 2012.. until then Happy Holidays!


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