New job..

Started a new job recently and have been thoroughly enjoying so far.. I like where I’m working and who I’m working with for the most part.. I know I’ll never get rich at this job, but is that the only way we measure our workplace satisfaction nowadays, by how much our salaries are.. I’ve always been the proponent of find somewhere to work that you’ll enjoy, the money will sort itself out.. Hoping that this job will be fruitful and continue to be an enjoyable experience for me add long as I’m with this company..

Manic Monday

Weird start to the day.. Called a staffing service recruiter to check if he had anything for me and sadly no.. He did however have something for Britt which I was happy about.. Anything that helps her with extra money and possibly getting her out of target is ok in my book.. Also did something today that made me feel good, caught up with Liz for the first time in a while.. Glad to hear that she’s doing ok and that her family’s all ok too.. Maybe the start to this week is a sign of good things to come, just have to wait and see..

Job Interview

If there is one thing I have come to loathe over the last few years it’s a job interview.. Getting dressed up fancier than you would for almost any other day in your entire life, save for a few special occasions, to sit around and listen to someone trying to sell you why this job opening is the panacea that will finally give you the life you’ve always wanted; while in the back of your mind you know its already been given to some ones brother.. Today I literally had one of the most enjoyable interviews in my life! Not because of the company it’s for, the compensation, or the location but because of the people who were attending it with me.. For the first time at one I honestly felt like every single person was honest and genuine about what they said, felt, and experienced.. I know the whole point is to sell yourself and make you out to be something more than the sum of your parts, but for some reason I felt that every individual in that room didn’t bullshit about anything.. I’ve never eerily more comfortable in an interview setting, everyone was actively trying to make friends, get to know each other, swap stories.. You didn’t feel like an outcast because you were all going for the same job.. Thank you to all who were there and to the woman running it for making this an enjoyable day in the process of job hunting..

Just Another Day at “ITS”

I love working with taxes but this season has already started off very weird.. First they changed their name, second my best office friend has left to work at another tax firm. Not that im sure it wont be a good tax season i just dont know what to make of it yet.. Something just feels off about the place this year, like something underhanded is going on that we’re not privy to.. Just wish i knew what to think.. On a different note, cant believe the NHL lockout is still going on! I understand everyone needs their own little piece of the pie but they need to realize they are hurting the most important part of the game, the fans!, and if you lose them you have no league.. I hope they get something resolved and put into the works soon otherwise i dont know if theyll be able to survive another lost season..

Unemployed and Uninspired..

Wish i knew why everytime i find an interesting job that i thoroughly enjoy i can never seem to keep it. This time it wasnt even my fault, I cant control if the store im working at closes. It wasnt a job where i was going to get rich but it was fun and i enjoyed who i was working with and that accounts for a lot of what u look for in employment. Now im just entrenched in this spiral of depression because there really is nothing to fall back on and no interesting prospects appearing on the horizon..


I wish i knew why every time i feel like I am starting to feel happy and accomplished something always happens that makes me sink into a new feeling of despair and depression.. Was having a lot of fun at my job, got laid-off, was having a nice friendly relationship with my ex, now i feel like we’re drifting apart every day.. While i am happy with my new girlfriend and cant imagine myself being with anyone else, theres just something i feel is missing and its depressing me trying to figure out what it is.. why is it im never fully happy?.. maybe its the fact that i know britt will be jealous knowing that i still have a relationship with liz, i can understand where shes coming from and i know that no matter how much reassurance i give her she’ll always suspect that something is going on if i hang out with her.. maybe thats the ultimate lesson in life, You cant have deep, meaningful relationships with ex-girlfriends, which i guess is the cause of this funk i feel right now..


I hate the days that start off really weird.. Slept in til 11 which is very unusual for me.. then had an enourmous falling out with my gf over the most idiotic issue, weird.. Now because of it she thinks we might not work out in the long run, which is definitly weird. One fight and she doesnt feel the same way she did less than an hour ago.. Every couple argues and fights, it’s what makes you stronger and deepens your relationship.. The ones who dont fight are the ones who end up splitting up.. I know this is just her defensive response to the situation but it still hurts to hear her say things like that..


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